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Engineering Workshop


Basic principles of a workshop are taught in Engineering workshop for the First year engineering students like Carpentry, Fitting, Tin smithy, house wiring and black smithy. Carpentry deals with wood working and different types of joints like Cross half lap, Dovetail etc. Fitting deals with joints like Lap, Butt etc. using MS sheets after edge preparation. Tin smithy deals with Zinc coated MS sheet to prepare various components like Tray, Scoop. In this students learn the application of Development of Surfaces. House wiring deals with basic wiring methods of batten lamps, fluorescent lamps and calculation of resistances offered by the same. Black smithy work deals with metal working at room temperature and elevated temperatures to prepare various shapes of components useful in daily practice.


Production Technology Lab


Basic manufacturing processes like casting, forming and welding are studied in production technology lab. Sand mixture used for casting is tested for its porosity, hardness etc. Pattern preparation is carried out for castings which includes calculation of Pattern Allowances. Arc welding, spot welding and TIG welding processes are practiced on the samples. Sheet metal operations like Blanking and Punching operations are performed using Fly Press using Progressive Die. Calculation like press tonnage is also practiced.


Metallurgy & Material Science Lab


Characterization of different materials is done in the Metallurgy & Materials science lab. Microstructure analysis of the metal samples is carried out through electron microscope. Jomney end quench apparatus is used to identify the gradient in hardness of a cylindrical specimen when it is subjected to end quenching process.


Thermal Engineering Lab


Performance of petrol and Diesel engines, both two stroke and four stroke is evaluated in thermal engineering lab. Characteristic curves are drawn for the performance of the engines. Working of two stroke and four stroke engines is studied in detail. Valve timing diagrams are drawn for the four stroke engines. Characteristic curves for Multistage Air compressor is also studied.


Heat Transfer Lab


Heat transfer behavior of materials at different temperatures is evaluated in heat transfer lab. Conduction, convection and radiation processes are studied in detail using the apparatus like lagged pipe, Stefan-Boltzmann etc. Effect of surface area on heat transfer is also evaluated using the apparatus like Pin-Fin.


Metrology Lab


The lab course includes, measurement of various linear and angular dimensions of the specimen using measuring instruments. Sine bar, Vernier caliper, bevel protractor, height gauges, micro meters, depth gauges are some of the instruments used.


Instrumentation Lab


The physical variables of a specimen like Pressure, Temperature are measured using different instruments. Calibration of the instruments for different conditions of operation is also learnt.





In CAD/CAM lab, CNC programs are written and executed by the students. Using simulation package students are able to know the execution of written programs. Modeling and analysis is done using packages like Pro-E, Catia and Ansys. Analysis package gives an insight into the designed components whether they are correctly designed or not. If not correct, redesigning can be done and can be verified.


Auto CAD Lab


Engineering drawing is practiced using Auto CAD. Draw, modify, dimension, function commands are used for practice. 3D modeling is learnt for creating the three dimensional 3D objects. At the end of the course the student will be able to draw or create a 3D model of an engineering object whose dimensions are known.


Machine Tools Lab


The machine tools lab completely deals with material removal operations like Turning, drilling, shaping, grinding, milling etc.. The lab has more than seven Lathe machines, two drilling machines, milling machine, shaper, surface grinder, tool grinder, power hack saw enabling the students to learn about the machine tools and various types of operations that can be performed on them in detail. By the end of the course the student will be able to operate different machines mentioned.


Mechanics of Solids Lab


In mechanics of solids lab, the student will learn different testing methods to find the strengths of the material specimens. The experiments include tensile test, compression test, hardness test, bending test, deflection of beams test, torsion test etc.


Fluid Mechanics (Hydraulics) & Machinery Lab


The Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery Lab include Pelton wheel turbine, Kaplon turbine, Francis turbine, reciprocating pump, centrifugal pump etc. The behavior of fluid, generally water, is also evaluated when it is subjected to sudden contraction, sudden expansion, Impact of jets, etc.

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