List of faculty members, Committees with Major Responsibilities

S.No Name of the Faculty Member/s Committee Major Responsibilities Committee members
1 Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy College Academic committee Academic Activities, Correspondence and document preparation for Higher Education /AFRC/AICTE/ FFC etc. All Head of the Departments
2 Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy Budget committee Budget Proposals, allocation, distribution and Implementation All Head of the Departments
3 Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy Staff Selection Committee Identifying resources, Staff screening, Recruiting, retaining, promotions & Exit of faculty members All Head of the Departments
4 Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy Examination Malpractice Committee Malpractice cases in exams All Head of the Departments
5 Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy Examination Cell Conducting Internal and external exams P. Ammi Reddy(ECE),
N.Siva Rama Krishna(S&H),
B. Veera Reddy(S&H),
P. Mahamood Khan(EEE),
R. Sudha Kishore(IT),
P. Krishna Prasad(CSE),
SK. Abdul Munaf(MECH),
A. Krishna Kiran(CIVIL).
6 Dr.R.Naveen Student welfare and Counseling Committee Student Fee Collection, Parent Interaction, Monitoring of irregular students. Student welfare and counseling. Mr V. Rama chandaran,
Mr J Vijay Kumar (I year),
7 Dr.R.Naveen Internal Quality Assurance Cell Internal Reports & Documentation and Externally Funded Projects. All Head of the Departments
8 Dr.R.Naveen Hostel Committee Hostel Admissions, Monitoring hostel facilities, Study Hours, discipline, Quality control, Student welfare and counseling. Parents interaction. Hostel Wardens, Caretakers, Student Members.
9 Dept HODs Department Development Committee Budget Proposals of dept, Monitoring dept activities, quality assurance and control, project proposals etc. SK.Rasululla(EEE),
P.Krishna Prasad(CSE),
Dr.T.Vijaya Krishna(S&H),
R.Ratna prasad(CIVIL),
10 Dr.T.Sreedhar Babu, Mr. A. Sudarshan Reddy Anti-ragging committee To create a Ragging-Free Campus All Head of the Departments and In-Charge Women's Grievance Cell, Student Members
11 Dr.T.Sreedhar Babu, Mr.A.Sudarshan Reddy Discipline /Student Grievances Committee Monitoring the discipline of students. Reporting any disturbances and suggesting the actions to be taken. A.Sudarshan Reddy(IT),
P. Mahamood Khan(EEE),
Dr.T. Sreedhar Babu(CIVIL),
M.L Vinitha(MECH),
Dr. Bh. Rajya lakshmi(S&H).
12 M.Sri Krishna, T.Srinivasa Rao, K.Suresh Babu (Eng.) Placements and Industry Institute Interaction Committee Assist the students to find suitable employment. Organize periodically industry – institution meet and possibly an employment fair. To invite top industry heads to interact with students. To plan for summer /short term projects on site. Keep track of student’s progression. To visit industries for networking requirements. Conduct on/off campus placements

P.Nageswara Rao(MECH),


R.Sudha Kishore(IT),

Sunil Babu(ECE),

T. Sudhir(CSE),
K.Suresh Babu(S&H),

Syed.Farooq Ahmed(CIVIL).

13 M.Sri Krishna, K.Suresh Babu (I.T) Soft Skills, Training and Career Guidance Arrange CPT, GD, Mock Interviews, Soft Skills Training, Infosys campus-connect training, JNTUK_Globarina training, Interacting with HODs for planning and Implementation. K. Suresh Babu(S&H), Kiranmai,
Hanu Kiran, Prasannajaneyulu, 
U.Ramanaiah(EEE),R.Sudha Kishore(IT),
Santosh(ECE),Sunil Babu(ECE),
K.Suresh Babu(CSE),P.Nageswara Rao(MECH),
14 M.Sri Krishna, Dr.K.V.L.Soma Sekhar Entrepreneurship Development Cell Interacting with Industries and students for planning and Implementation of Entrepreneurship activities. Initiating and monitoring startup programs. Shesagiri Rao (Mech),Farooq Ahmad Syed(civil)
,T.Sudhir(CSE),A.Sudharshan Reddy(IT)
,Leonard Lambert(S&H),
15 Dr.K.Suresh Babu, Mr.Karayil Suresh Babu News Letter and Website Maintenance Collecting the Information from all the departments and Administrative office. Make sure that correct and unambiguous information is available. J.Madhu Babu(CSE), V.Srikanth,
V.Rama Chandran(IT),Ravi Kumar(ECE),
K.Tejaswini(CIVIL),M.Kedar Mallik(MECH).
16 Dr.A.Kalavathi Women's Grievance Cell To study and solve the grievances of girl students and women staff. To counsel the students and staff Redress grievances M.L.Vinitha(MECH),K.Anuradha(CIVIL),
A.swathi(EEE),Jaya Lakshmi(IT), 
Vineela(ECE),P.Jeevana Jyothi(CSE),
Dr.Bh.Rajya lakshmi(S&H).
17 Dr.A.Kalavathi Professional Societies Committee Establishing professional societies in all departments. Student enrollment Monitoring student chapters Coordinating activities M.Kedar Mallik(MECH),I.Sobharani(EEE),
Sri Harsha(CSE),A.Krishna Kiran(CIVIL).
18 Dr.K.Giri Babu, Dr.P.Nageswara Rao M.Tech coordinator Monitoring M.Tech classes, Projects All M.Tech Teaching staff
19 Dr.K.Giri Babu, Mudhu Mohan, Dr.Vijaya Krishna (I year) Timetables Committee Preparation of time tables Ch.Rambabu(EEE),B.Rajesh(IT),
S.krishna prasad(ECE),P.Jeevana jyothi(CSE),
Phani Kumar(CIVIL),Dr.T.Madhu Mohan(S&H),
M.Kedar Mallik(MECH).
20 Dr.K.Giri Babu, Dr.A.Kalavathi College R&D Cell Monitor departmental R&D units Impart project and R&D guidance to faculty Organizing conferences All Staff
21 Dr.K.Giri Babu NBA /NACC Committee Monitoring and examining NBA /NACC Activities Mr.P.V.S.M.Kumar(IT), T.Srinivasa Rao(MECH),
Dr.N.Koteswaramm(S&H),Dr.K.Giri Babu(ECE),
R.Ratna Prasad(CIVIL).
22 Dr.K.Giri Babu VIVA VVIT Organizing Inter collegiate competitions for VIVA VVIT All Staff
23 Dr.A.Kalavathi NACC Committee Monitoring and examining NACC Activities R.Ratna Prasad(CIVIL),Sk.Rasululla(EEE),
B.Rajesh(IT),Dr.K.Giri Babu(ECE),
Pothu Raju(CSE),Dr.T.L.M.V.Subba Rao(S&H)
,T.Srinivasa Rao(MECH).
24 M.Sri Krishna, Dr. K.S.M.V.Kumar APPSDC Single point of contact with SDC. Student admissions, monitoring skill development activities, Project developments etc. P.Rajesh(CSE),L.Lakshmi Aparna(MECH),
Ch.V.Suresh(EEE),Jaya Lakshmi(IT),
25 Mr.P.V.S.M.Kumar, Y.Prabhaker Rao ( I year) Transport Committee Checking bus passes, Discipline, Bus fees, Bus arrangements, Bus schedules, Bus maintenance. Faculty traveling in Buses
26 Mr.Rasulullah Renewable energy, power and electrical maintenance, Generator maintenance Distribution of power, Cabling, Maintenance of electrical equipment, Maintenance of power sources, A.C. repairs, Electrical Consultancy works. A.Hari prasad(EEE).
27 Mr.K.Satyanarayana Staff Welfare Club Organizing Faculty recreation activities, family get-to-gethers, picnics on holidays, Conducting games for faculty during inter and intra semester break, arranging financial and other support All staff
28 Mr.K.Satyanarayana NSS Cell Organizing NSS camps. Organizing blood donation camps. Organizing medical and health camps. V. Arun Kumar Student Volunteers
29 Dr.M.V.Raghu Ram College Day Celebrations Organizing Intramural competitions Organizing college anniversary All Staff
30 Dr.M.V.Raghuram Right to Information (RTI) act Committee Rules of RTI, Procedures for RTI act. All Heads of the Departments
31 Dr.M.V.Raghuram I year coordinator Monitoring I year class works, courses, Labs, Time tables & student discipline etc. First year staff
32 Mr.Beeban Basha (Boys), Ms.A.Sri Vani (Girls) NCC Cell Coordinate NCC training on and off camps Student Volunteers
33 K.Sambasiva Rao, VVN Achari, Mr.P.Sudhakar, Mr.Rasulullah Student Clubs Monitor Student club activities Coordinate resource persons activities Dr.K.Manikyeswara Rao, All Student Clubs Coordinators
34 Mr.M.R.N. Tagore Sports Club Organize and coordinate sporting events for students and staff Physical Director Coordinators of Sports/ Games
35 Mr.P.Sudheer Alumni committee Maintain alumni information, Correspondence, Communication through social networks, Alumni association, Alumni meeting S.Krishna Prasad(ECE),R.Sudha Kishore(IT),
Ch.Rambabu(EEE),Syed Farooq Ahmed(CIVIL)
,K.Sai Kalyan(MECH),P.Sudhir(CSE).
36 Mr.M.Y.Bhanu Murthy Summer Internship Interacting with companies/ industries/IITs for Internship. Arranging Internship for III year students Interaction with placements committee. A.Anil Kumar(EEE),R.Sudha Kishore(IT),
M.Y.Bhanu Murthy(ECE),P.Sudhir(CSE),
A.Krishna Kiran(CIVIL),V.Siva Kanna(MECH).
37 Mr.R.Eswariah, Prof.B.S.N Reddy Staff Development (Orientation Program) Conducting orientation classes for newly joined staff. Monitoring performance V.Kiran Kumar(MECH),Ch.V.Suresh(EEE),
R.Ratna Prasad(CIVIL),M.Y.Bhanu Murthy(ECE),
R.ESwaraiah(CSE),T.Vijaya Kumar(S&H),
V.Rama Chandran(IT).
38 Mr.K.Vasu Babu, Dr.T.Madhu Mohan (I year) College Library Committee Recommending books from depts. Monitoring library hours, Stocks verification, Monitoring student facilities Checking computerized library facilities Digital library, Recommending journals/ magazines etc. Librarian,Asst. Librarian,
A.Vishnu Vardhan(CSE),M.Pardha saradhi(ECE),
C.Naga Ratnamaiah(S&H),A.Parvathi Devi(CIVIL),
39 Mr.P.Sudhakar (CSE) (I year) Attendance Committee Monitor daily & monthly attendance Information to parents, Sending attendance reports. K.Suvarana(IT),P.Laxman Nayak(EEE),
P.Phani Kumar(CIVIL),V.V.N.Achari(S&H),
D.V.Seshagiri Rao(MECH),K.Vasu Babu(ECE).
40 Mr.Siva Rama Krishna Public Relation, Press and media Preparing press notes, Media correspondence, Public relations V.Ramachandran, K.Suresh Babu(S&H), 
41 T.Srinivasa Rao(Mech) Purchase & Stores Store keeping and maintenance, Purchasing consumables, Stock updates, disposal of obsolete items R.Ashok(CSE),Naveen(ECE),
K.Anuradha(CIVIL),V.Rama Chandran(IT),
U.Ramanaiah(EEE),P.Guru Prasad(S&H).
42 Md.Farooqi Social Welfare (BC/SC/ST) Monitoring BC/SC/ST Scholarships
43 Mr.Siva Prasad Extra-curricular activities Monitoring Cultural/sports Activities. Arranging programs in functions. Coordinating Inter College Cultural/ sports competitions. Sports, Music, Dance, Painting and Theatre club coordinators
44 N.Satya Kumar Co-curricular activities Paper Presentations, Quiz Competitions J.Geetha Lalitha(S&H),A.Krishna Kiran(CIVIL),
V.Siva Kanna(MECH),K.Ramesh Babu(EEE),
G.V.Satya Kumar(ECE),B.L.Praveena(IT),
K.Mohan Krishna(CSE).
45 P.Guru Prasad College Maintenance College Beautification, Gardening, sanitation and Class room maintenance etc. Physical Director, Civil Supervisor
46 Prof.B.S.N. Reddy Technical Training Conducting and monitoring Technical training courses P.Sudhakar(CSE),P.Krishna Prasad(CSE),
P.Ammi Reddy(ECE),K.Vasu Babu(ECE).

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