C & IT Workshop:

The appearance of the lab makes the fresher feel comfortable as they kick start the initial race of programming & hardware kills. This lab furnishes the C-programming skills for the further endeavor of next generation programming languages and problem solving skills.

Data Structures & Java Lab:

This lab provides an environment where students can implement the concepts of Data Structures as well as they learn how to create the Object Oriented Programming principles. This lab gives an opportunity to the students to implement various sorting, searching techniques and also provides students to implements dynamic programming concepts like Applets, Swings etc.

OS & DBMS Lab:

The aesthetic appearance of the lab creates look feel of the Industry. This lab caters for learning Operating Systems. Database Management system and system software’s. This lab enhances the student capabilities to perform various real time operating systems concept algorithms, and development of operating systems & compilers.

MAD & UML Lab:

The artistic & live environment of this lab wakes up the creative mind of the student. This lab provisions the modeling of the projects for creation of mobile applications. Availing this lab makes the student ready to build mobile apps which is an emerging and booming technology of the industry. This lab also empowers the students for the good design of the projects.

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