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A 100KW solar power plant with 400 solar panels functions in the college. This solar power plant is the first and largest clean energy project in the Guntur district and the most ambitious project of its kind for the VVIT. The electricity produced by the power plant will be used to run the Laboratories, classrooms, library, internet center, kitchen, canteen, street lights, monitoring and control systems and the administrative office of the entire institute. Till now from the date of installation the plant has generated approximately 2,00,000 Units of electricity without using any fossil fuels and any damage to the environment. Out this generated units around 1,40,000 units were consumed by the institute and the remaining were units were sent back to the APTRANSCO. By this plant institute was able to save an amount of around Rs.14 Lakhs. At the same time it is the great opportunity for the students of VVIT to analyze and understand the working of solar plant in campus. This enables students of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering to research some innovative concepts on solar energy.

VVIT has a strong vision of providing 24X7 uninterrupted central facilities for its students and it was materialized by the inauguration of solar energy plant with a missionary zeal. This plant was built with a fool-proof user-friendly monitoring and control system. Surplus electricity from the power plant will be transferred to utility company APTRANSCO, as said by the chairman. The project has been installed on fixed mounting structure to study performance analysis by the EEE department of the college.


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