ATTENDIES: President, Vice Presidents, CWC, General Body, Alumni, Faculty coordinators


  • SAC Selections
  • VIVA VVIT 2018


3:00 PM: Gathering of General Body

3:10 PM: President SAI BALAJI addressed the meeting

  • Shared his views to bring changes in general selection procedure
  • Candidates are to be selected based on their Communication Skills, Thought process, attitude, Presence of mind, Exposure

3:35 PM: General body discussed about most Happening place

  • To make use of clubs for several college events.
  • Using painting club for Design thinking
  • Using Animation club members for designing

3:40 PM: General body shared their ideas for VIVA VVIT 2018

  • Visiting cards for SAC Representatives
  • Implementation of Fourth Estate
  • Division of events into TECHNICALS, CULTURALS, SPORTS
  • Introduction of some new events unknown to modern world
  • More informal events for entertaining the crowd
  • Measures to be taken regarding discipline

4: 10 PM: General body along with SAC faculty coordinator discussed the pros and cons of VIVA VVIT 2017.


  • Crowd management
  • Estimation regarding count and made proper arrangements
  • Events went good
  • Avoided maximum events overlapping


  • Power failure during CSE Technical event
  • Volunteers reported late than the actual event timings
  • No proper Facilities for Volunteers staying nights

4:45 PM: Naveen, Former president and Divya, Former Events head gave their suggestions

  • To review the old data
  • Team division according to the plan
  • Paper work for every idea
  • College Ambassador for promoting VIVA VVIT 2018 to different colleges around AP.

5:00 PM: Siva Prasad sir discussed the Registration problems with general body

  • Volunteers reported late than the actual timings
  • No involvement of security at entrance. Students themselves took that duty
  • More online registration desks and only one offline registration desk which made offline registrations difficult.
  • Delay in Volunteers’ Id cards
  • Lack of Tents

5:30 PM: National Anthem


  • Selections to be made on skill basis.
  • To increase the number of registration desks
  • Visiting cards for SAC representatives
  • Fest promotions through Social Media as early as possible
  • Brochure and Poster design as early as possible for sponsorships and promotions purpose
  • To conduct the crowded events beside the central block
  • Planning based on old statistics