The Vision of the Department is to strive towards the development and dissemination of knowledge in the area of CIC and empower young engineers to acquire technical excellence imbibed with ethical and moral values that leads to collective global success. The branch of CIC emphasizes on designing, innovating the real-world applications by simulating the real-time systems by providing excellent Engineering Education.


The department of CSE(CIC) is moving forward to promote excellence and relevance in CSE (IoT, Cybersecurity including Blockchain Technology) domain.

  • Design a industry relevant curriculum
  • Aims to impart value based technical education of global standards 
  • Transform the students into disciplined, talented citizens of impeccable character
  • Spread out industry collaborations for student outreach
  • Fused with hands on training to make them good entrepreneurs with an emphasis to develop social, cultural, ethical and environmental consciousness and life-long learning


PEO 1: To prepare Graduates with sound foundation in fundamentals of basic sciences and to assist

them exhibit strong, independent learning, analytical & problem solving skills in CSE(CIC) Domain.

PEO 2: To facilitate learning in the core field of CSE(CIC) so as to integrate technological progression and

software & firmware skills to produce high impact, energy efficient and futuristic solutions

PEO 3: To prepare Graduates to effectively use modern equipment and programming tools to solve real

life multi-disciplinary problems that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable.

PEO 4: To assist and enable individuals acquire skills to imbibe lifelong learning in the field of CSE(CIC) related research; innovation so as to have progressive careers as Managers or Entrepreneurs.

PEO 5: To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, team spirit, leadership qualities and effective

communication skills in Graduates and to make them aware of their social responsibilities.


PSO1: Connect learning from Core and Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary elective courses of

CSE(IoT, Cybersecurity including Blockchain Technology) to assimilate technological advancements in the field for analyzing and designing subsystem processes to arrive at the solution to real world problems.

PSO2: Acquire software skills pertinent to research and industry practices in the field of CSE(IoT, Cybersecurity including Blockchain Technology); while acquiring soft skills like persistence, proper judgment through projects and industrial interactions.