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In Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, Nambur, an insightful hands-on 1-Day workshop in the key-technical aspects of “Machine Learning” was conducted for the budding Electronics and Communication Engineering students, today July 13, 2018 under the aegis of Department of ECE.

L.Sangram Kishore speaking

Electronics & Communication Engineering is an elemental branch of engineering which is interleaved with all advanced streams of Engineering branches now and has plenty of opportunities in multiple platforms. Sri Sagar in this regard said that VVIT always motivates its students to undergo many advanced workshops and imbibe the knowledge.  Mr. L.Sangam Kishore, Technical Leader, CISCO, acted as Chief Guest & Resource person, which is organized under the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), professional society wing of ECE Department.

After formally inaugurating the workshop, Mr. L.Sangram Kishore discussed at length the importance of Machine Learning, its landscape, CRISP DM frame work and the supervised learning algorithms that are the essential part of this domain. He further added that machine learning is gaining importance very quickly and is useful in various applications ranging from Image, Speech recognition and Medical Diagnosis etc that are used in wide varieties of real time for Aadhaar card information to Airport Security etc. In the afternoon session Mr.Sangram demonstrated various aspects related to “Machine Learning and its Framework”. He also illustrated various Projects Ideas that can be implemented by students using Machine Learning.

The distinguished resource persons for this workshop commended the efforts of VVIT for conducting this kind of advanced workshops.

Principal Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, of VVIT, emphasized that their institute always conducts several advanced workshops on challenging technology to spur the research & development attitude in the students. Dr.Reddy said that this workshop is a boon for the students to orient themselves towards the advanced technologies.

Dr.Reddy stated that they are happy to organize this workshop as an activity under the IETE professional society of ECE department. He also reminded that IETE is the India's leading recognized professional society devoted to the advancement of Science & Technology and in VVIT it is functioning satisfactorily for achieving its objectives.

Dr.Reddy also informed that Machine learning is comprised of algorithms that teach computers to perform tasks that human beings do naturally on a daily basis. Dr. Reddy also emphasized that for this reason, machine learning has evolved to mimic the pattern-matching that human brains perform.

Prof.K.Giribabu, Head-ECE, stated that VVIT is always a step ahead in conducting this kind of workshops for the benefit of their students. He loyally mentioned that the Department of ECE is now equipped with Full time research facilities under JNTUK as a Research Center. Dr.Giri Babu said that machine learning algorithms teach computers to recognize features of an object and progressing ahead very rapidly.

 Prof.M.Y.Bhanumurthy, convener of this workshop said that a comprehensive hands-on training session was also conducted software for designing & developing various real time projects by the participants. He said the objectives of this were achieved by the participants. Convener Dr.M.Y.Bhanumurthy, Dr. Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy along with other ECE faculty felicitated the resource person as a token of respect for his enlightening sessions. Principal Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Prof. K.Giri Babu, HOD ECE, Prof.M.Y.Bhanumurthy, Convener, Prof. M.R.N.Tagore, IETE Coordinator, IETE Final year students along with faculty participated in this workshop.

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